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Dr. Md. Nahid Pavez

Associate Professor & Chairman
Department of Agriculture, FCUB
Bangladesh is basically an agricultural country, where most of the people are directly or indirectly dependent on agriculture. Agriculture plays a vital role to meet the food and nutrition demand, reducing poverty and economic development in Bangladesh. Agriculture creates employment opportunities for many people in our country. Basically, agriculture is the key to the development of our country. On that point of view, First Capital University of Bangladesh (FCUB) has been conducting 04 (four) years B.Sc. Agriculture (Hons.) program from 2013 in the Department of Agriculture under the Faculty of Agriculture. Students who are interested in agriculture science, they can get scope to obtain B.Sc. Agriculture (Hons.) degree from this university. The syllabus of B.Sc. Ag. (Hons.) program is designed to fulfill the requirements of modern agriculture. We teach through skilled teachers. We have modern labs facilities and field laboratories for our students. Students conduct their field work under the supervision of the course teacher in the field laboratories. Also, we try to solve various agricultural problems of the farmers in this region. Our main goal is to produce skilled agricultural graduates. In future, our agriculture graduates will do the work efficiently in various government and non-government organizations for the development of Bangladesh. We are committed to establish research based agriculture department. Our expectation, this department will be an excellent agriculture department for obtaining 04 (four) years B.Sc. Ag. (Hons.) degree under the faculty of agriculture in our university.