Dr. Md. Nahid Parvez



Dr. Md. Nahid Pavez             

Associate Professor & Chairman (Acting)

Department of Agriculture

First Capital University of Bangladesh

Phone: +8801711124218, +8801915092535
Email: drmdnahidparvez@gmail.com

Professional Experience-

  • Controller of Examinations, FCUB : 05/06/2020 to till now
  • Chairman, Department of Agriculture, FCUB : 22/11/2015 to till now
  • Associate Professor, Department of Agriculture, FCUB : 16/05/2016 to till now
  • S. Thesis Supervisor and Examiner: M.S. thesis supervisor and examiner from 25/10/2016 (Memo no.: SAU/ PGS/Agronomy/3(4)/128) to till now in the Department of Agronomy, Sher-e-bangla Agricultural University, Sher-e-bangla nagar, Dhaka-1207 .
  • Member Secretary, Research Committee of FCUB from 2018 to till now.

Research Article-

  • N. Parvez, N. Islam, M.H. Rashid and A.K.M.R. Amin. 2006. Fertilizer management of hybrid rice cv. Jagoroni under System of Rice Intensification (SRI) in boro season. Bangladesh Journal of Crop Science. 17(1): 147 – 153.
  • N. Parvez, M.S. Islam, M.R. Islam, A.K.M.M. Islam and M.F. Mondol. 2006. Effect of plant spacing and mulching on growth and yield of French bean. Journal of the Bangladesh Society for Agricultural Science and Technology. 3(3&4): 161 – 164.   
  • H.M.J. Alam, M.A.R. Sarkar, M.N. Uddin, M.N. Parvez and M.H. Rashid. 2007. Effect of Spacing, Seedling Age and Number of Seedling per Hill on the Performance of Rice CV.BRRIdhan29 under SRI Method. Bangladesh Journal of Progressive Science and Technology. 5(2): 289 – 292.
  • H. Rashid, H. Akter, N. Islam, M.N. Parvez and M.A. Hasan. 2008. Grain Yield of Wheat Cultivars as Influenced by Nitrogen Level under Rain fed and Irrigated Conditions. Bangladesh Journal of Progressive Science and Technology. 6(1): 141 – 144.
  • E. H. Sarker, M. A. Ali, M. N. Parvez, M. M. Chowdory and P. Dey. 2009. Seed-Borne Infection of Sarocladium oryzae in BR-11 Rice Seed. Bangladesh J. Seed Sci. Technol.13(1&2): 61-64.
  • E. H. Sarker, M. A. Ali, M. N. Parvez, S. Rahman and M. M. H. Chowdory. 2010. Effect of Some Plant Extracts on Sheath Rot of Rice in Field Condition. Intl.J.BioRes.8(4): 34-39.
  • S. Hossain, M. A.Salam, M. N. Parvez, M. E. H. Sarker and M. M. Rahman. 2010. Effect of Phytohormones on the Initial Growth of Seedlings of Some Agroforestry Tree Species. Bangladesh J. Seed Sci. Technol.14(1&2): 19-26.
  • Islam, M. N. Parvez, M. A. Rahman and M. A. Kader. 2012. Maximizing profitability from off-season jute seed production through adoption of intercropping or mixed cropping with legume crops. Bangladesh j. crop sci., 22-23: 33-40.
  • S. Islam1, A. M. Kamal2, N. Islam3, M. N. Islam4 and M. N. Parvez5. 2013. Performance of trellis grown vegetable crops cultivated on the ails of transplant aman rice cv. BRRI dhan 39. Int. J. Sustain. Agril. Tech. 9(1): 19-23.
  • Asaduzzaman, M. M. Hossain, M. N. Parvez, M. A. Islam and M. B. Meah. 2013. Effect of dose and frequency of garlic tablet spray on the incidence of cercospora leaf spot of chilli. J. Agrofor. Environ. 7(1): 119-122.
  • Ashraful Islam Pulok1, Tuhin Suvra Roy2, Md. Nazmul Haque2*, Md. Shahjalal Hossain Khan3, Md. Nahid Parvez4. 2016. Grading of Potato Tuber as Influenced by Potassium Level and Mulch Materials. Focus on Sciences, Nov 2016, Volume 2, Issue 4:(page:1-7). (DOI: 10.21859/focsci-020449, Submitted: 09.18.2016, Accepted: 10.15.2016, © 2016. Focus on Sciences).
  • Tuhin Suvra Roy1*, Rajesh Chakraborty1, Md. Nahid. Parvez2, Suvomoy Biswas3, Sudip Chakraborty1. 2016. Development of Sustainable Gross National Income from Potato Export in Bangladesh- A Perspective Review. Universal Journal of Agricultural Research 5(1): 52-57, 2017. http://www.hrpub.org DOI: 10.13189/ujar.2017.050107.
  • Tuhin Suvra Roy1, Rajesh Chakraborty1*, Md. Nahid Parvez2, Maruf Mostofa3, Jannatul Ferdous3, Salma Ahmed4. 2016. Yield, Dry Matter and Specific Gravity of Most Promising Exportable Potato Varieties of Bangladesh as Influenced by Salt Application. Universal Journal of Agricultural Research 5(2): 98-103, 2017. http://www.hrpub.org DOI: 10.13189/ujar.2017.050203.
  • N. Parvez*a, M. S. Islamb, T. Haquec, F. M. M. Hossaind and N. Islamb. 2017. An economic evaluation of mixed cropping of Mungbean with off-season Tossa jute seed crop. Journal of Bioscience and Agriculture Research, 12(01): 986-993.

Research Interest-

Seed Production Technology, Production Technology of Different Crops.


  • Participated in the international conference on “Quality Seed and Food Security” from 17/02/2009 to 19/02/2009, held in Bangladesh Agricultural University Campus, Mymensingh.
  • Presented various scientific papers on ‘‘Jute fibre and seed production technology’’ in 2008 in the department of Agronomy and BAURES, Bangladesh Agricultural University, Mymensingh.