B.Sc. Ag. Curriculum

Bachelor of Science in Agriculture (Honors), as abbreviated B.Sc. Ag. (Hon’s.) The degree is four years program divided into 8 academic semesters.

Course Curriculum for Bachelor of Science in Agriculture (B.Sc.Ag.)(Hon’s) (Total 195 credits)

List of Courses

1st Semester (24 Credits)

AGRON 111                            Fundamentals of Agronomy

SS 111                                     Introductory Soil Science

ACHEM 111                            Nuclear and Agro-industrial Chemistry

AGEN 111                               Agricultural Mechanization

AE 111                                    Agricultural Economics

BAN 111                                 Bengali Literature

ENG 111                                 English Language


2nd Semester (25 Credits)

AGRON 121                            Seed Science and Technology

HORT 121                               Fundamentals of Horticulture

BCHEM 121                            Chemistry of Biomolecules

RS 121                                    Rural Sociology

STAT 121                                Agricultural Statistics

AGEXT 121                             Fundamentals of Extension, Leadership and Motivation

BS 121                                    Bangladesh Studies

3rd Semester(25 Credits)

AGRON 231                            Weed Science

SS 231                                     Soil Classification, Survey & Conservation

HORT 231                               Ornamental Horticulture & Plantation Crops

AGEXT 232                              Extension Teaching Methods and Aids

BCHEM 231                            Metabolism and Human Nutrition

CBOT 231                               Plant Morphology, Embryology and Taxonomy

4th Semester (23 Credits)

ENTOM 241                            Introductory  Entomology                                  

PPATH 241                             Introductory Plant Pathology                       

GPB 241                                  Cytology and Cytogenetics                     

AGROF 241                             Agroforestry                      

AGEN 241                               Introduction to Computer Applications                   

5th Semester (24 Credits)

AGRON 351                            Crop Production Technology                       

HORT 351                               Vegetables & Spice Crops            

GPB 351                                  Genetics

ACHEM 351                            Plant Nutrition, Pesticide and Environmental Chemistry               

AGEXT 351                              Extension Communication and Technology Transfer    

6th Semester(23 Credits)

SS 361                                     Soil Physics & Soil Chemistry

ENTOM 361                            Insect Ecology & Pest Management

PPATH 361                              Principles of Plant Pathology & Diseases of Field Crops

CBOT 361                                Plant Physiology

ENVS 361                                Agro-ecology and Environmental Science


7th Semester (24 Credits)

ENTOM 471                           Economic Entomology

PPATH 471                             Diseases of fruits, Vegetables, Cash Crops, Agro-forest   

                                                Trees and   Seed Pathology

CBOT 471                               Plant Ecology

AGEXT 471                             Extension Organization and Management

ANSF 471                               Livestock and Poultry Production

8th Semester (27 Credits)

AGRON 481                            Farm Management and Farming system

HORT 481                               Fruit Production and Orchard Management

SS 481                                     Soil Fertility & Soil Microbiology

GPB 481                                  Plant Breeding

ANSF 481                                Integrated Fish Farming

AGRON 480                            Project paper